8 June 2023

Save Money with Home Coffee: Cut Costs and Savor Delicious Coffee

Save Money with Home Coffee: Cut Costs and Savor Delicious Coffee

Brewing coffee at home offers a remarkable opportunity to save money while still relishing the flavours of a delicious quality cup of coffee.

By investing in high-quality coffee beans and reliable brewing equipment, you can wave goodbye to pricey cafe visits and welcome a newfound sense of financial freedom with each sip.

Let's break down the numbers to demonstrate the potential savings when making coffee at home versus purchasing it from a cafe. For this example, we'll consider the average price of a medium Latte (12oz/340ml) sold at a cafe at $5.00.

To recreate the same coffee at home, we'll use a domestic espresso machine like the Breville Barista Express or Delonghi La Specialista Arte Manual Coffee machine.

  1. Coffee Beans: Investing in premium coffee beans (We recommend our MIND Espresso for the perfect allrounder) is essential for achieving a flavourful brew. A 1kg bag of high-quality coffee beans priced at $50.00 can yield approximately 45 shots, using 22g of coffee per shot. This brings the cost per single shot to $1.11.

  2. Milk: To accompany your coffee, let's consider the cost of milk. A 2L container priced at $4.10 can produce approximately 6 cups, using 333ml of milk per cup. This amounts to a cost of $0.68 per cup.

So far, the total cost per cup of coffee brewed at home is $1.79.

  1. Espresso Machine Investment: In addition to the coffee beans and milk, it's important to factor in the cost of the espresso machine itself. For this calculation, let's assume the machine costs $600 and has a lifespan of 3 years.

Considering a minimum of 1 coffee per weekday and 2 on weekends, over a 3-year period, you would make a total of 1407 cups of coffee at home. Dividing the cost of the espresso machine by the number of cups, the unit cost of a machine amounts to $0.42 per cup.

By combining the costs of coffee beans, milk, and the espresso machine investment, it's clear that making the same cafe-quality coffee at home would cost approximately $2.21 per cup.

This represents a significant saving of more than 55% compared to the $5.00 spent on a cafe-bought Latte.


Brewing coffee at home provides an excellent opportunity to save money without compromising on taste. By investing in high-quality coffee beans, mastering the art of home brewing, and calculating the long-term savings, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee for just a fraction of the price.

Embrace financial freedom while savoring every sip of your home-brewed coffee.